Regarding usage of RampUsersPerSec and Throttle usage

Hello Gatling Experts,

I am looking to simulate 50 concurrent users for period of 1 hour, to perform Load Testing. Each users expected to perform transactions for around 3 minutes.

Could you please advise best way to simulate this scenario.

I have tried different combinations as listed below (one of them), does not seem this approach is correct.


testscenario.inject(constantUsersPerSec(1) during (3 minutes)) // presume this would cause around 60 users/minute for
rampUsersPerSec(1) to (5) during (3 minutes))

.throttle(reachRps(60) in (20 seconds), holdFor(40 seconds), jumpToRps(20), holdFor(150 seconds)) ===> This may not be needed, not sure what would be the best scenario this can be used along with RampUsers.

.maxDuration(60 minutes)


You might want 50 users per 180 seconds = constantUsersPerSec(0.28) during(3600)?