Gatling Load Test and SAML/SSO Authentication


I am a novice and new user to Gatling, in which I’ve been combing through online documentation as well as this Google group to try to figure out how to handle session cookies as well as redirects from authentication such as Single Sign On prior to hitting the web server address. I have successfully confirmed a few things already outside of this to give some confidence I’ve been searching:

Identifying a proxy to hit externally facing websites:
http.proxy(Proxy(“proxyserverurladdress”, 80).httpsPort(443)

My test script is completing successfully, but I believe it is just hitting redirects of the SSO login page and not advancing. I can see traffic/load on the SSO server, but not on the application server.

I attempted to use the add cookie:
exec(addCookie(Cookie(“Name”, “Value”)))

In which once a user is authenticated via SSO they are provided with a PHPSESSID, shibsession. I’ve added both of these to the script but still see the same issue with no traffic making it past the SSO web server.

I did find one suggestion of mapping the SSO server as test script and then pass the variable of the authentication to the next URL for each redirect until hitting the application, but this is a bit too complex for me to actually do.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you,