Gatling making a large number of request

we use 3.0.0-RC4 to run simple simultations on a server

we recently upgraded a server from debian 8 to debian 9 with apache2,
when running a simulation with 10 concurrent users, no resources with each user opening 9 urls from the server, we have a large numebr of failed requests, the problem is however that the report shows that gatling made a very large number of request

normally this simulation before the upgrade would do around 3.5k request for each page, about 65k total request

can anyone explain this behaviour?

Thank you,

3.0.0-RC4 was, as its number states, a Release Candidate, hence unstable. Please upgrade to latest stable, as of now.

Regarding your problem, there’s nothing we can do without you providing a sample server/app that exhibits your issue.

Upgraded Gatling to latest , problem remains

vineri, 14 decembrie 2018, 18:48:00 UTC+2, r… a scris:

As I said: