Gatling count of request

I create some scenario with one http request.

I was try call it setUp(scn.inject(ramp(1000 users) over (1 seconds))).protocols(httpProtocol).
After scenario done on graphics i saw (1000 users start per second), but sending requests is 30-40.

change count of user, put 100, the same request count is const 30.

But i need send n - requests not const. Can you help me. (Gatling version 2.0.0-M3a)

Can you upload your simulation.log?

see in zip all results (206 KB)

I see 1000 executions on there, and judging by the graph they’re all being launched at the same time. Are you looking at the mean req/s field? I’m pretty sure that’s calculated based on your server’s response time, i.e. how quickly it handles the requests, not how quickly the requests are sent out.

I all right understood - i sent 1000 request, but on graph i see how quickly servers handles the requests (30 - 40). Yes?

Actually, taking a look at the start times in simulation.log, it does look like the requests are being sent out at ~40/s, it’s just the scenarios that are starting up all at once.

I’d be out of my depth trying to help you diagnose and fix it, but it seems like it’s a limitation of the machine you’re running Gatling on, not Gatling itself. I can hit 1k requests in a second, no sweat.

Ok. Thanx for the help