Gatling MAX rps from one PC

What maximum rps I can get using Gatling via Windows or Mac PC?
And what kind of settings am I supposed to use to achieve that?
For now my maximum of rps using Windows PC is 440.75 requests/s

As I can see in this theme (!topic/gatling/To04WAFMcis), guys used to achieve something about 40k and more. They also provided links to a github, but repos already removed.

It depends on multiple factors.

You’ll have to tune the system network settings (max TCP connections for example), and most important, the response time of the server under test. It’s not the same a server that respond in 1 ms than other which need 200 ms.

There’s no unique answer for your question :wink: It always depends on the use case. As an example, our use case is around 400 req/s, but we have very intensive work in every request (multiple database read/writes, invocations between internal services with HTTP JSON REST, and so).

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