maximum QPS for a single Gatling Instance ?


I have tried to reach the maximum QPS i could get with a single Gatling.

On local on my laptop with a simple ping request i can easily reach something around 36.000 QPS.

I tried on Google Compute Engine with a n-1standard-4 instance i get the same result, I monitored a lot of cpu utilization therefore I tried on a n1-standard-8 instance but i always got the same result.

Could it be the maximum I could reach with a single Gatling ?

Then if i want to to reach higher QPS on my endpoint i would need a cluster of gatling ?



Personal record is 130,000 from a single 4x2 core (bare metal).
As you have consistent results with multiple setups, I’d say your limit in not Gatling, but your system under test or your network/bandwidth.