Gatling Parent - question

I’m looking at Gatling artefacts at maven central repository and I have noticed that there is artefact named gatling-parent and if I’m correct it’s coresponding directly to GitHub - gatling/gatling: Modern Load Testing as Code
Why this artefact don’t have version 3.9.5 - last is 3.3.0 ?
I’m asking about that because I’m try to figure out how to do to have shown my repository at Used by and I think if I add this Artefact my repository will show up - I’m correct? :slight_smile:

Of corse I can do how akirataguchi115 have make this by adding go.mod file but this don’t show real usage in project.
Any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Gatling is built with sbt, not maven. The pom.xml files of our different artifacts are generated on publication, we don’t have a parent pom.xml where we would define common configuration, eg dependency versions, like a maven multi-module project typically would.

The gatling-parent pom.xml we used to publish was a mistake we cleaned up.

Sadly, the “Used by” GitHub feature doesn’t work for us as it doesn’t support sbt (it doesn’t scan maven central, it scans the repository). The only way is to hack your way as this user did and reference somehow the repository.

That’s sadly :confused:
I will try to do in hack way :slight_smile:
Thanks @slandelle

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