Gatling Rabbit MQ Integration

I am consuming post api (using gatling )which publish the message on rabbit mq and I want to consume the response on different queue and want to calculate the response time for processing the message how can I achive it using gatling. I am using gatling 3.6.x

So, I think you want to group them.


No I don’t want to group.
My post api is giving http.accepted response as soon as the api publishes the message on rabbit mq queue and gatling is calculating the response time and avg of all request but I don’t want that response times instead when my messages get published on the queue it is stared processing by some other application and once the message gets processed that application publish the response of processed messages to some other queue so I want the metrics for processing the messages.

Sorry, but I don’t get it.

  ChainBuilder stepBuilder = group("theWholeRequest").on(
          exec(jms("myAnswer").requestReply().queue("myQueue").textMessage("Dummy").check(simpleCheck(m -> true))

Here, you will have 2 requests:

  • postRequest for the http POST
  • myAnswer for the jms one

But the 2 will be aggregated into the group theWholeRequest

Hope this helps.