Response Time for kafka using gatling


I have an application in which there is an https service that receives a message and there are a few microservices that process this message and at the end the message is put into a Kafka queue. I want to know the performance of the microservices end to end. I want to run tests and want to calculate the time difference between message sent to the http service and time message received from http Kafka queue.

Can we do this with Gatling?

If what you are saying is that you have a microservice X. This said microservice X does some stuff and then enqueues to kafka. And you want the entire time of when then http request was sent and when the http response was recived.

Now assuming that enqueuing to kafka is synchronous, then what gatling will report as response time will be what you are looking for. The response time in gatling is the entire time it took to send the request and the response to receive.

No i have microservice whoch gives call to another microservice then third microservice e
Puts message to kafka