[Gatling] Remove launching multiple Simulations

Hi there,

Gatling let you select multiple Simulation so the engine runs them sequentially.
This make a real mess and give us headaches for developing the Jenkins plugin.
As I’m pretty sure this is actually useless and that running multiple Simulations is the job of a scheduler (cron, Jenkins or whatever, I’d like to remove it).


+1 to remove

2012/9/11 Stéphane Landelle <slandelle@excilys.com>

I wonder can I run all simulations in the way like " -s * " as I’ve found here https://github.com/excilys/gatling/issues/363 ? Thanks in advance!

Nope, this has been dropped.
See here: https://github.com/excilys/gatling/wiki/FAQ#wiki-multiple-simulations