Running gatling simulation with scheduler

I am not sure whether it is possible or not. Is there any way to run the simulation of Gatling through windows scheduler or is there any scheduler included with Gatling?

NB. I dont want to select which simulation I want to run after the command. If there is any single line command to run any simulation with Gatling will also help.
I am a new bee. Apologizing earlier if written anything silly.


No, Gatling doesn’t have a scheduler, it’s out of its scope. However, it can be launched from Jenkins, or you can easily adapt the launch script so it can be launched from your favorite scheduler.
You can use the -s option to force the simulation selection (see and edit the launch script so that it doesn’t prompt for the run description (see thread!searchin/gatling/prompt/gatling/qmkUhC-__lw/Bf9Cl2jmQGcJ).




Thanks for your quick reply. I am giving a try the options you pointed here.