Gatling reports not displaying properly via Jenkins


I followed the instructions mentioned in by adding the following:

/usr/local/bin/jenkins -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dhudson.model.DirectoryBrowserSupport.CSP=“sandbox allow-scripts; style-src ‘unsafe-inline’ *;script-src ‘unsafe-inline’ *;”

but the reports are not showing the charts when i click the report from Jenkins directly. If i download the reports as zip file and open it locally it is showing properly though.


Hi Krishna,

Thanks for reading my documentation.

I am currently working on transitioning anything useful to the official Gatling documentation.

I will try it out myself using the latest versions of Gatling, Jenkins and the Gatling Jenkins plugin, and get back to you,


Thanks Aidy!


The easiest (but most unsafe) thing would be to unset the headers

manage jenkins > script console
System.setProperty("hudson.model.DirectoryBrowserSupport.CSP", "")

Note: You do this at your own risk.


At your own risk = make sure you don’t have plugins that use this feature where people might inject Javascript code, and protect your Jenkins master and slave filesystems so that some don’t edit the Gatling reports in there.
The latter is pretty common sense…