Cannot Open index.html page properly from Jenkins

I was able to generate report locally and open index.html page properly (all js, and styles were in same location), but from Jenkins using htmlplugin, as a parameter passed Jenkins workspace location, and index.html file, after successful completion of Jenkins Job, If we click Gatling Report icon on Jenkins, html page is not rendering properly.

Modern versions of Jenkins refuse to directly serve HTML content from the filesystem as it used to because of security concerns.

Because of this, we’ve changed our plugins so that you can no longer view the Gatling reports directly in the Jenkins interface, but download the zipped reports instead.

What happens in your case is most likely that you’re using a recent (well, 1-2 years old) version of Jenkins with an old version of the Gatling OSS Jenkins plugin.

What you should do is upgrading the Gatling OSS Jenkins plugin. You won’t be able to view the reports directly but you’ll be able to download them.

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