Gatling - SBT Template project


First of all thanks for this wonderful project, really helpful for load testing.
I work primarily on sbt instead of Maven, so a i pieced together an sbt project which can be used to write simulations in eclipse and run them within sbt or standalone as a jar using the xsbt start script plugin.
If anyone is interested they can get it here:


Hi Krishnen,

Thanks for this, I’ll add a pointer on the wiki.

As soon as we can find time for this, we’ll add some “official” tooling for SBT.
I think Luke Taylor has done something in this field, too.

Thanks again,


2012/5/21 krishnen chedambarum <>


I’ve added an new wiki page about third parties integrations and pointed to your project (along with Nicolas Huray’s sample and Andy Petrella’s Gatling Play2 plugin.



2012/5/21 Stéphane Landelle <>

Cool Thks :slight_smile: