Gatling Scenario Setup Details

Hi All,

I looked up the official Gatling documentation, but couldn’t find a satisfactory answer. So, I’m posting the query here. We’re using Gatling 3.3.1 and one of our simulations has following setUp block:

new ScenarioName().scn.inject(constantUsersPerSec(1) during (1 seconds))
.throttle(reachRps(20) in (1 seconds), holdFor(30 minutes))


  1. I want to understand in detail, what exactly is the load generated by this.
  2. What would be the number of active users at the end of 1st minute, 5th minute and 15th minute of the run?
  3. What will be the max numbers of requests fired assuming that server responds to each request within:
    a.) 50 ms
    b.) 100 ms
  4. Are the number of users injected enough for the throttling configuration? How to manipulate the number of uses to ensure throttling config is met.

I’d really appreciate your time and please refer to any documentation/blog etc where these things are explained in detail.

Thanks in advance!