Gatling Script for Okta Authentication login shows intermittent behaviour

I have written scala test case which do Okta authentication before login in jira
I am using proxy in my script to interact with okta firewall.
script execution is giving me intermittent results- sometimes it works fine(user is logged in successfully) -but sometimes it gives me 400 error (on API call no 7 in below list)
I tried putting pause in script but no gain.
can someone pls guide me how can i fix this issue.
Below is the list of okta authentication api calls which i am using in my script sequentially-
Note- I have removed my org name in the below api calls
Last API(No 7) is giving 400 error intermittently-As this helps in redirecting the user to jira home page


Error -
/ KO[200, 209], 304), found 400

Response Body

**We had trouble logging you in**. - JIRA Dev

Hey there Rajat,

Looking at your requesting above we’d definitely need to see the code in order to help. However, for commercial projects like this we would generally only provide support as part of a contract for consulting or to an Enterprise customer.

If you’re interested please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help.

All the best,

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