Gatling show error : No attribute name is defined

I have this json and simulation file.
When run the the simulation, it shows error that “No attribute name “cashAccount” is defined”.
Can someone help?

  "cashAccount": "${cashAccount}",
"code105C": "${code105C}",
"proCode": "${proCode}",
"type": "${type}",
"referrerId105C": "${referrerId105C}"
package tci3accountPro

import baseConfig.BaseSimulation
import io.gatling.core.Predef._
import io.gatling.http.Predef._
import tci3accountPro.models.bodyRegisterSubs
import core.api.ApiUtil

import scala.concurrent.duration._

class registerSubscriptions extends BaseSimulation{

  val username = "105C169260"

  val cashAccount = "11111"

  val proCode = "IWEALTH_PRO"
  val typeText = "TRIAL"
  val referrerId105C = "105C310885"

  var ini = new GetTokenApi

  val token = ini.getToken(username)

  val registerSubs = http.baseUrl(accountProDomain + accountProSubs)
    .header("Authorization", token)

  var feeder =  Iterator.continually(Map(
    "cashAccount" -> cashAccount,
    "code105C" -> username,
    "proCode" -> proCode,
    "type" -> typeText,
    "referrerId105C" -> referrerId105C

  def registerSub() = {
    exec(http("register Subscriptions")

  val scn = scenario("register Subscriptions")

  setUp(scn.inject(atOnceUsers(1),rampUsersPerSec(1) to 5 during (10 seconds)).protocols(registerSubs)).maxDuration(1 minutes)

Gatling DSL components need to be chained.
Have a look at your registerSub method, you should be able to spot your mistake.

Sorry but I still cannot spot my mistake.
If I parse the value to the json file directly, not in parameter, the test runs well.
But when use the parameters, it cannot understand the value I assign to.
Please help.

You’re missing a dot.

Thanks. It works.
In my scenario, I would like to prepare info for 5 users (cashAccount, username…). But in order to do the post API (register subscription), each user need different tokens. The token I can get from another API by passing the username.

Could you suggest any solution to this? I think I would need to include all the 5 users info in the json file. And then read the username from it then get the token.
But how can I make Gatling understand, each user after get in will use the token for that user and do the post API (register subscription) .