Getting issues with Gatling "feeder" ; Getting failed to execute : No attribute named 'X' is defined

Hi Team ,

am newbie for Gatling and trying to read some fields from CSV and use them in my scenario but facing No attribute name ‘CSVFieldName’ is defined issue ;

mentioning some details below ,

Gatling Version : bundle-2.2.3

CSV Name : memId.csv

CSV contents :

Scala FIle contents :

//Class Declaration

//some http configuration

val memId_feeder = csv(“memId.csv”).circular

val scn = scenario(“Scn name”).during( 10 seconds ) {


Any help or clue to resolve this issue is really appreciable .

P.S. : There is no whitespaces in inp csv file .

Kind Regards,
Ritesh .

Sorry , Actual Erroneous string is like "No attribute named ‘memid’ is defined " .