Gatling Statistics

Hi all,

I am rather new to Gatling. I have a problem with the statistics generated by Gatling. I am using version 2.2.3.

The issue is that after a period of time as indicated in this graph the number of users falls to 0 but the number of request remains the same. I cannot understand why the number of users is falling to 0. I am using ramUsers() over() . Further more I cannot understand why the number of requests is the same when there are 1 and 2 users and then increased some time before the third user kicked in.

I think that there is no relation between the number of users and the generated requests and I cannot understand why.

I appreciate the help you provide. And thanks for Gatling.


It’s been fixed in our private repository.

Regarding Aidy’s comment:

  • we only push on public master from time to time (you can check the commit history and see that it’s quite up-to-date)
  • there’s currently no plan for new public releases of the 2.2 branch. Then, we do have private ones for our FrontLine customers though.


Hi Stephane,

Thanks for your quick feedback.

I reverted back to the 2.2.2 version and it is working fine. Still I cannot understand why the number of requests did not increase when we had 3 users. it seems that it maxed out with 2 users. Do you think this is an issue of logging?

Thanks again.