Gatling test result includes failed request data

HI Team,

Im facing a weird issue. in my test few request got failed. but while taking average response time and 90th percentile, Gatling is taking failed request’s response time also in the report. which making my report a not trustable report. ideally performance testing tool shouldnt take the failed request’s stats to calculate the test metrics. please help me to understand this. is it a configuration which i can disable to get proper testing tool functionality. please help me here.


Filtering stats by response status is not available in Gatling OSS reports.
It’s available in FrontLine though.

HI Stephane,

the current behavior is wrong. this behavior needs to be changed. no one require the failed requests data to be included with passed requests data. its a wrong implementation. non of the performance testing tool have this behavior. all of them use only passed requests data. that is the correct approach.
Please consider it as a bug and resolve it.

Karthik MA