Guideline for Gatling Report Enhancement with [Http Statius 2XX, 4XX & 5XX]

Hi All,

My Name is Dharamdas working in performance testing for ecommerce website.

Recently we started using gatling for preparing performance testing scirpt and we have setup metrics using InflexDB and graphana as visualization. currently gatling pushes basic metrics like total request count and failure as “KO” and success as “OK” and we can chart the same in grapahana.

I am looking for enhanced report like gatling should send metrics request along with Http status like 2XX, 4XX and 5XX. Ex. [200,201,401,400,500]

if this is already implemented please let me know, if not please someone can guide how i can enhance by modifying code and push the same to InflexDB?

Looking forward for help.


Reporting enhancements go into FrontLine, not the OSS version.


Hi Stephane,

is that FrontLine is Paid one? if yes what is the estimate? what kind of metrics can we achieved using frontline version?