Gatling test seem to not proceed, shows the same progress

Hi Team

I have a Load Test that has 10 actions combined back to back and separated by a pause. One of the actions is to download a big file. I can control the size of the file, when I use a small file, all the steps are working fine, but when I use a very large file I see the following results. It does not seem to progress with the testing and also it seem to timeout some of the requests. I have the following configuration in my gatling.conf file

connectTimeout = 600000
handshakeTimeout = 600000
pooledConnectionIdleTimeout = 600000
readTimeout = 600000
requestTimeout = 600000

The test does not seem to respect the above configurations as I can see it says requeset timed out after 60000 (not 600000) millis

Could you please point me to things that I can try out to fix this? I am using Gatling 3.4.2