Gatling Erros with j.u.c.TimeoutException: Read timeout after 300000 ms


I am facing a weird problem at least to me. Appreciate any assistance here.

Am running the gatling test with the following configuration and it fires around 900 requests in that 5 mins. However gatling report finally says > j.u.c.TimeoutException: Read timeout for 170+ requests. I did put the trace and find the requests and validated against the application logs and it looks all successfull and took lesser time (2 mins, have set up timeout value as 300000).

Application logs shows all the 900 requests are there and it successfully returned the response.

constantUsersPerSec(3.00) during (5 minutes)

Gatling version user - 2.3.1

Any help would be really appreciated.



Read timeout means response chunks took too long te be received.
Then, beware that you’re using Gatling 2 which has reached end of life and is no longer maintained. You should consider upgrading to Gatling 3.


Hi Stephane,

Thank you for your reply. Yes I too agree that it took too long but the application logs shows it processed for 2 mins and send back the response but Gatling report says it waited for 5 mins but it dint receive. Hence the confusion.

Also i could see while processing of request could see active|wait|done status. What is the wait here means does it also gets added with the processed time and that exceeded 5 mins?