Gatling udp extension

Hi folks, hope you’re all well.

I’m sending this email because I’d like to share my little and simple udp extension. This code was based on Gatling code base itself and I work for a telecom company which has some udp services that need to be overloaded. I think the extension is flexible enough, so If you want, feel free to use and improve.

PS: I’m still learning Scala, so please if you have some free time to look around and give me feedback or even if you want to contribute with this code, I’ll be thankful.

Thanks a million,

Carlos, great that you did that.

I am trying to use Gatling to test the Eclipse Git API.

I am missing an overall perspective on the Gatling framework allowing to understand more generally which classes to extend or use to create this kind of extensions.

I found several projects on GitHub like your Gatling Udp extension which are testing non HTTP APIs. For instance gatling-any, gatling-tcp-extension, gatlingsql.

I am grateful that there are live examples, but at the same time it would be great if there were a scaladoc reference and some high level explanations of the APIs.

Gatling is a great tool, thanks to all the authors and contributors.



Thanks Antoine.

My limited Scala knowledge didn’t help me to do a better job. But as soon as I get chance, I intend to improve more writing tests and simple doc.

btw, Gatling is really a great tool.

Thanks to all :slight_smile: