Gatling with Scala 3.1.0

I used Gatling (3.7) latest ver with Scala 3.1.0 and I was able to create and run a Gatling Project (scripts) using IntelliJ IDEA
I could not find any official documentation or resource where it’s mentioned that Gatling can be used with Scala 3 ver.
I wanted to check with the community, do you have any information on this, Have you tried or faced any issues using Gatling with Scala 3.1.0

Gatling 3.7 works with Scala 2.13, not Scala 3.

Thanks for the information.
I was able to record and run Gatling scripts using Scala 3.1.0 on my system
Is it then okay to continue or change the version of scala

From my understanding Scala 3 is backward compatible, but if you are your looking for a less verbose language with type inference etc, I'd look into Kotlin.

Thanks for the information. Appreciate it