Scala 3 or Kotlin?

I start a new role as a Gatling performance tester in 10 days. I am unsure on whether to use Scala 3 or Kotlin, as they both look attractive offerings.

Scala 3 be backward compatible with Scala 2 apart from some deprecated features.

I have experience with Scala 2 and Gatling and SBT works will with my development environment which is terminal based.

Can we be sure that Gatling is compatible with Scala 3. Has it been tested extensively by anyone including the Gatling team?

Many Thanks


Now that since 3.7, Gatling also provides a Java DSL (that can also be used in Kotlin), I recommend against starting new Gatling projects with Scala and sbt unless you’re a Scala developer and your organization is Scala friendly.
Otherwise, you’re bound to facing trouble onboarding other users who have no interest in Scala.

Go with Java or Kotlin, and maven or gradle, depending on what’s most popular in your organization or what’s more likely to attract other users. If you go with Java, go with Java 17 if possible.

Can we be sure that Gatling is compatible with Scala 3.

Gatling 3.7 requires Scala 2.13 and that’s the only version we officially support.

We haven’t investigated Scala 3 yet and that’s not a priority for us for now.
Also, it seems tooling is not on par with counterparts for Scala 2 yet, in particular support in IntelliJ.