Generated simulation from har file. Getting following errors without making any changes to simulation

Hi Amar,

It looks like the form parameter used on line 1053 is not a UTF-8 character.
Are you sure you’re using the right encoding for your simulation ?




I have used Fri Aug 08 09:32:43 CDT 2014 (latest snapshot)

With default settings as: Encoding: Unicode (UTF-8)

So I guess there is no mistake in this way.
You can give a try generating simulation from the attached har file.


That’s exactly where the problem is : your simulation contains characters that are not valid UTF-8 characters, and you’re trying to convert your HAR file using a encoding that will definitely fail to parse your HAR file.
I don’t know which encoding you’re using, but UTF-8 is definitely not the right one.

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I am not getting what you want to say. Can you give a try to convert attached har file into an simulation.
Because I am using UTF-8 only as encoding type. So it should not affect while converting my har file.

I gave it a try, and that’s how I saw that you’re using non UTF-8 special characters as form parameters (which is in itself quite risky IMHO).
The encoding selected in the Recorder’s configuration panel is used for a lot of things : reading the bodies of your requests when using the Recorder in proxy mode, setting the encoding used to generate the simulations… and is also used when reading the HAR file you want to export.

If the selected encoding does not correspond to the HAR file’s encoding, the Recorder won’t be able to read it correctly and generate a corresponding simulation.

Got it ?

Thanks. I’ll take a look and try to generate compatible har file.