✔️ Germany (Brühl) | Javaland, March 2023


We’ll be heading to Germany for our first Javaland appearance. Two days to talk about JAVA and software architecture in the middle of Phantasialand, a theme park. What’s not to like?

Having fun and enjoying freedom while keeping in mind the secure software development behind the attractions: sounds a lot like our Private Locations feature. :wink:

Ready for JavaLand? :star_struck:

Meet @slandelle and the Gatling team in Brühl starting next Tuesday (March 21) to discuss your performance needs and load testing with our crew members.

It will be a first in Phantasialand for us, and we’re hoping to cross paths with many of you at booth 410. If you’re not 100% sure where to go, follow the blue hoodies or look around for the testing bubbles! :grin:

Bis Bald! :de:

JavaLand starts today!

Meet @slandelle and the crew in Brühl for 2 days of exchange around Java and performance testing! :fist_right::fist_left:
:rocket: Booth 410

:round_pushpin: Phantasialand, Brühl

:date: March 21-22

You’ll only have a few minutes to spare but want to hear more about how load testing can help you enhance your website’s performance? Make sure to schedule your live demo!

:watch: Meet Gatling at Javaland, Germany

JavaLand’s over, but what a great time it was. :relieved:
Our first attendance there was nothing but a blast and we can’t wait for next year!

Next stop: DevoxxFR in April. :fr:

See you in Paris! :croissant: