✔️ Sweden (Stockholm) | JFokus, February 2023


Our first stop of the year is in Sweden. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help you apprehend 2023 and your challenges to come.

But wait, there’s more: Gatling’s CTO, Stéphane Landelle will give a Load Testing Crash Course, teaching you all the basics of load testing and performance requirements.

If you’re around or planned to attend this meeting, come visit us there!

Hi Gatling Community,

As announced before, our first event of the year will take place in Sweden on February 7 & 8, as we’re going to JFokus for the second time! :sweden:

Last year’s experience was a blast, and in case you missed on the info, we’ve added a bonus to this 2023 trip. Our co-founder and CTO, Stéphane Landelle will be giving a load testing crash course talk there, teaching you all the basics of load testing and performance requirements!:fire:

Come meet the crew at booth N3 of the Stockholm Congress Center.

Dear Gatling Community,

Are you ready for JFokus?

Meet the Gatling team in Stockholm starting next Tuesday (February 7) to discuss your performance needs, give us feedback regarding our solutions or discuss load testing around a coffee with our crew members. :coffee:

Need an extra reason to meet us there? Our co-founder and Chief Technical Officer @slandelle will also be giving a ‘Load Testing crash course’ talk there! :technologist:t2:

See you next week in Sweden! :sweden:

Hi Gatling Community members,

The Gatling team has landed at the Jfokus conference, and we couldn’t have had a better welcome than this one! If you’re around, don’t miss @slandelle’s “Load Testing crash course” tomorrow at 9 a.m (CET), room A4.

See you around! :rocket:

What a talk it was🔥

Couldn’t make it to room A2? Meet @slandelle and the crew at Jfokus (booth N3) until tomorrow evening and get your personalized load testing talk.:handshake:

Here’s the conclusion to our Jfokus 2023 arc! :sweden:
Want to know more regarding our experience there? Our Digital Marketing Manager Yoann wrote a cool post about it!
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