Get processRunResult() outside of the Simulation

Hello all,
Is there any possibility to retrieve the Simulation StatusCode and assert it from outside, e.g., with Junit?
I’m using this method from class Gatling to start the Simulations:

// used by maven archetype
  def fromMap(overrides: ConfigOverrides): Int = start(overrides, None)

And in start() the StatusCode is computed and asserted. But all methods aside from fromMap() and main() are private.

Maybe there is a way to listen to the Simulation execution status?

Sorry but no.
The fact that those methods are private is intended: they are not a public API.

I found kind of a solution in the docs: one can retrieve it from a scenario with help of the session API.

public class SimulationTest extends Simulation {
    public static boolean successful = true;

    ScenarioBuilder scn = scenario("foo")
            .exec(session -> {
                if (session.isFailed())
                    successful = false;
                return session;