Get same number of send requests for each requests

Hi Gatling community,

I do my simulations, they work correctly but with a small problem.
Indeed, I would like each of my requests to be executed at the same number.
Example of a scenario in which I execute 3 GET requests:

  • request_1
  • request_2
  • request_3

When I run the simulation, I will for example get the following values:

  • request_1: 100 requests sent
  • request_2 : 80 requests sent
  • request_3 : 70 requests sent

I would like to obtain the following result:

  • request_1 : 100 requests sent
  • request_2 : 100 requests sent
  • request_3 : 100 requests sent

I tried to use the disableCaching function, but it doesn’t change. I also use the flushHttpCache() function.

Could you help me to find a solution?


It’s impossible to tell what’s happening for you if you don’t share what you’re actually doing.
Please check How to Ask a Question

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You might need to run your simulation on iteration based. suppose, if you run it with 5 users and 20 iterations, it will make 100 samples for the each request.

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