Getting ArraySeq Map session data and use for multivaluedQueryParam input in Kotlin

Hi, I’m new here, new to Kotlin, but used Gatling with Scala several years back. I appreciate your patience with me :slight_smile:

I’m struggling to build a multivaluedQueryParam for a GET request. My feeder data looks like this:

“items”: [
“code”: “CODE1”,
“temperature”: “COLD”,
“draw”: “DRAW1”
“code”: “CODE2”,
“method": “HAND”

When looking at the session information when the test is run, it looks like the following

Items → ArraySeq(Map(code → COD1, temperature → COLD, draw → DRAW1), Map(code → CODE2, method → HAND))

I’m trying to make my request look like the following. The keys of the map are delimited with a pipe, “ | “:|COLD|DRAW1&item=CODE2|HAND

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