Getting couldn't find neither ZIP nor GZIP magic number

I have pushed zip file( is 77 MB in git repository via git lfs. I am using gatling frontline to run my simulation.
now when I am referring this file in my feeder file, its not able to read it. getting below error

02-07 07:25:55,776 [ERROR] i.g.a.Gatling$ - Run crashed
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Archive format not supported, couldn’t find neither ZIP nor GZIP magic number

Here is my feeder file code:-

val records: BatchableFeederBuilder[String] = csv(“data/”).unzip.batch.random

return records

can someone please help here?

Gatling Enterprise Self Hosted (former name: Gatling FrontLine) do not use git LFS.

I guess, the data/ file exists as a placeholder but is not the actual archive file you want it to be.

To be sure, try with a small archive file. But I think you will have either:

  • download the file from external source in the constructor of your simulation.
  • backed an injector image with your big file
  • use the file system of your on premise injector

Hope this helps!