Archive format not supported, couldn't find neither ZIP nor GZIP magic number


I am using gatling frontline to run my simulation. I have pushed 79MB zip file to Git repository and referencing this zip file in my simulation

Here is the feeder file’s code

val records: BatchableFeederBuilder[String] = csv(“data/”).unzip.batch.random

But in deployment its failing with below error in build logs

ava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Archive format not supported, couldn’t find neither ZIP nor GZIP magic number at io.gatling.core.feeder.SeparatedValuesFeederSource$.$anonfun$unzip$2(FeederSource.scala:90)

can anyone please help here?

Compression formats typically have a few first bytes that indicate the format so that the decompressing program can figure out which algorithm to use.

  • for GZIP, the first 2 bytes must be 1F and 8B
  • for ZIP, the first 2 bytes must be P and K
    Your file doesn’t have those, meaning it uses a different compression algorithm we don’t support (7-zip maybe).

Thanks a lot for your help