Getting error: Too many requests metrics, you're flooding the stats engine. Limit is set to 2000 but you have

When I try to run my Gatling test in Gatling Enterprise, the test is broken and in the logs, I can see this error message:

Too many requests metrics, you’re flooding the stats engine. Limit is set to 2000 but you have (Search PDPTest, , fc7d2fabcc2009e14569addfb4d739a4725c.jpg) … (and a bunch of other jpg files listed here)

I am using Gatling version 3.6.1 at the moment and I am also loading all the static resources:

What could be the issue here? Thanks.

The message is explicit: we limit the number of metrics you can compute (all the aggregations they trigger are very CPU intensive).

  1. Do you really need to include those static resources in your load tests? This might not make sense, in particular if they are served from a dedicated infrastructure (caches, CDN), which they should. Your performance issues are likely to happen with your dynamic application, not your static content.
  2. Do you need the performance metrics on those static resources? If not, you can use silentResources() to make them silent: Gatling - HTTP Protocol
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Hey, Thanks for your quick reply.
I am not yet sure I need them, but maybe I will. We usually do not include them but there might be a case that we need for our specific scenario.
I will try to use your second proposal and see if it helps.
Thanks again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: