gradle plugin

There seem to be a few basic Gradle Gatling plugins around. I forked one and progressed it some more, which might prove useful to some people in the group.

It may also help as an example on how to get started with Gradle. I tried it today and got a simple example working with 2.0.1 easily.

The Github page is


Hi Mark,

Looks nice.
Beware that in 2.1 we’re changing the way Gatling provides Scala compilation. For example, there’s a good chance the maven plugin will no longer compile itself, so users would have to use the scala-maven-plugin, gatling-maven-plugin would just be the simulation launcher.



The existing Gatling SBT plugin works great. But Gatling is not used only for Scala/SBT project and hence support for Gradle would be very much appreciated. Any plan on official Gatling Gradle plugin yet? I am sure lot of us can contribute should you decide to kick-start the official plugin. Thanks again for Gatling, it very nice tool indeed.

+1 to “official” Gradle support.

This plugin seems to be under active development:

thanks, I submitted several bug reports / improvement requests to the authors. can’t use it in prod yet.

I saw that :slight_smile:
Those guys seem to be pretty active, so I expect them to fix pretty quickly.