Group Cumulated Response Time vs. Duration


I have the following scenario:

.body(StringBody("""{ “name”: “Name”, “surname”: “Surname”,
“about”: “Description”,
“username”: “UserA”, “password”: “Password”,
“dob”: “12/12/1996”}""")).asJSON

The Group Cumulated Response Time is less than the Duration when comparing the graphs. In this case, shouldn’t they show the same response time values?

Thank you

Do you really think that all the operations that happen before the request is sent (going from the group step to the exec(http), building the request) and after the response is received (decoding the response bytes into chars, parsing into JSON, apply the check, going to the exit step, then back to the group exit) come for free?

Yes you are right. I’m sorry. So in order to asses the time taken for the server to handle the request and send Success should I use the duration or the response time then?

Thank you and sorry.