Response time is not ok for a group of requests

It seems that the sum of the responses time is not ok for a group.
My simulation : 1 user, 1 request, 1 loop
Here is the result for ‘Afficher_Page_Accueil’ : 100 ms indeed 40 ms.

Here is te sample of code :

val scn = scenario(“Scenario Name”)
.group(“Afficher Page Accueil”)
.check(regex(“Votre identifiantX”).find.exists)

.pause(5, 10)


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Can you give me your simulation.log to see if there is an explanation for those results.

here it is

2013/1/15 Grégory Coutant <> (738 Bytes)

I’ve managed to reproduce the problem and it seems to me that it’s a warm up problem.

If you execute a request before the group, the group duration should be closer to the request response time (the two will certainly never match because there is some work done between group start and request execution).
I will see how this warm up thing can be solved more properly tomorrow.

This warm up is supposed to be done in…

That’s what I thought but curiously it’s not enough.

I’ve investigated a bit, and that’s really looks like a warm up effect: classes being loaded, etc…
We could speed it up at some point, but it would probably require to alter our design, so I don’t think it’s worth it.

The best solution is see is to stop relying on the group events times, and use the group requests times. @gregory: is this feasible?

Thanks for your return.
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