Grouping multiple http requests (main request + sub requests) under one transaction to capture the actual page loading time

I am developing the scripts for the SAP Fiori Application (Web application) using Proxy recording mode, the script development and enhancements were a bit challenging, but finally, my three weeks of effort paid off and the script replay was successful and the record was successfully created in the backend.

As per the knowledge gained so far, the transaction names can be provided at the request level and if I want to group multiple requests under one transaction (main URL + child requests like .js…) I am not finding any option.

I am wondering, if is there an option to group multiple requests under one transaction in Gatling please help me with some insights …?


Hey @Srini,

Congrats to make it work :tada:

What about groups?


@sbrevet Thank you for your prompt response.! I will try with groups and update the thread…
Apologies for the delayed response.

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