How to keep redirects and resources under single Request name

Hi Team, Please find the issues am facing. Please check and help me out

Query 1 : In reports Index.html observed Requestname/Transaction Name shows like below
RequestName1/Transaction1 and Transaction1_Redirect

How can i combine both to Transaction 1 only.

Request :

.exec(http(“Transaction1”) .get(“http://” + uri1 + “/example1”)


Query 2 :

Have to keep multiple requests under one Transaction Name.
How can i combine them to one Request name/Trasnaction name


Use groups:

Thanks Stephane.
Serious suggestion. In the documentation please do share some examples of implementation . This will really helps …

Hi Stephane,

After using the group definition, dont see the transactions in Report Index.html

.check( to 210))
.formParam(“client_data”, “SecurityDevice”)
.formParam(“post_url”, “https://my.policy”)))