Grouping of request

Hi Team,

I have a question regarding groping.

object Click_Phone {

val clickphone = exec(http(“IPTV_Click_Phone_02_request_9”)
.get(uri2 + “/v1/tvguide/phone/speeddial?unitId=0&roomType=GUEST_ROOM&locale=en_US”)))

object Click_Home {
val clickhome = exec(http(“IPTV_Click_Home_03_request_12”)

val scn = scenario(“RecordedSimulation1”).exec(Click_Phone.clickphone,Click_Home.clickhome)

but the problem is that i am getting all the requests result separately…in the HTML report (though thats nice to have the report for every request but grouping the request for a specific transactions is my purpose now)

Need to know how to apply .group in to my scenario.

Thanks in advance.

I think the documentation suggests the page object model that was quite popular with WebDriver tests.

So, if you have a home page.

object Homepage {
val = signIn{
exec(… )


I’d stick to Java/Scala naming and remove the underscores in your object names and uppercase the non-first token in your vals/functions.


group(“Homepage”) { Homepage.signIn }

Or some variation on that.