[GRPC] Waiting for specific message content in a server stream of messages


Currently, I am implementing a load test that simulates sending data to the gRPC endpoint and getting the results.

The results are in a form of a stream of messages. The server will send message updates until the final message status won’t be achieved.

In the current implementation of the gRPC plugin it works, but with a hardcoded pauses.

Load test is executed against the sample the grpc-server

Here is the source code of the test.
Actual result: After a pause of 10 seconds, the reconciliation action saves the LAST message from the stream. In the example, it will be a character ‘E’.

Expected result:
I want to eliminate the implicit call of pause() and add an interceptor for checking when message content will be equal to a specific value. E.g. start a stream and wait for a message with content ‘A’.

Thanks a lot for the help!