gRPC testing with Gatling

Hi, after months of self-investigate and struggling, I have finally managed to create a project for gRPC Gatling by using George Leung’s library.
There were some guide on Internet, but mostly they don’t (or less) cover the setup part, so I wrote an article on medium to help.

Sorry If I bring up an external source, but I want to help Junior like me though, I will update later on for bidiStream.
Have a good day

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So after 3 months of laziness, I have came back with the final of gRPC testing with Gatling.
Many thanks to phiSgr (please support and review his library here) for the Library and Stephane for wonderful Gatling.

The community plugin version had stopped supporting.

Hello again,

Happy to report that Gatling now has a Native GRPC plugin that will be maintained by us moving forward available for the Enterprise version.

You can read about it in the blog post and try it on the Cloud version of Gatling Enterprise if you like. We’d love to get your thoughts on it.

All the best,