Help configuring setUp

Hello all,

I’m using JMeter 2.11 but I’ve created a POC for Gatling 2 and I have to say that I’m very happy with Gatling 2.

I wanted to run the same tests from JMeter 2.11 and Gatling 2 in order to compare the results.

One example of my JMeter 2.11 config is:
duration=3600 seconds

I’ve tried to imitate the same config from Gatling 2, something like this:

setUp(scnSetUp.inject(atOnce(1)), scnParentConsent.inject(nothingFor(5),
rampRate(200) to (200) during (60 minutes))).protocols(httpConf)


  • I don’t need a ramp up period, I just want the same threads running for 60 minutes executing over and over the same simulation.
  • I got a lot of errors from Gatling 2 and any not from Jmeter 2.11. Example: Remotely Closed [id=…] …
  • setUp(scnSetUp.inject(atOnce(1)), scnParentConsent.inject(nothingFor(5), atOnce(200))).protocols(httpConf) works fine.


  1. Could you tell me if the set up that I’m using is the correct one?
  2. Could you tell me if there is something that I have to configure from Gatling config?

Thanks for your help.


What you want to do is:

  • launch 200 users at once (you know how to do that)
  • wrap your scenario content into a during(3600) loop:
    Beware that what you’re trying to do is in my sense transposing the “JMeter way”, where it’s common to reuse threads and reset their state. I just added builtins to do that in master, but in Gatling, you’d better just create new users, they are very cheap.



Regarding the “Remotely Closed” exceptions, that’s a problem in AsyncHttpClient I fixed and will be released this week.
Until then, increase the maxRetry parameter in gatling.conf (something like 4). Beware of uncommenting (removing #).