How can I pass simulationClass as a parmeter in gatling

please I have several simulation Classes and I want to give the users possibility to enter the name of simulation he / she wants to run from a jenkins pipline For that I want to parametrize the simulation name so insted that user write the command : mvn gatling -Dgatling.simulationClass=package.theNameofSimulation ( here the name is static) , I want him directy enter the name of simulation he choose
because I guess that the user doesn’t know the code and commands

so we have the possibility to passing in parameter the numberOfVirtuelUsers I want to do the same thing for simulation

Thanks you

Hello, I still waiting for your help please. Thanks

This looks like more of a design issue of your automation setup. Not sure if this is the right place to ask such a question.

Hint, pre-populate the list of simulation classes and then the user picks the sim from list. (Its nothing to do with gatling :frowning: )

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