How can I run multiple simulation files in parallel

Lets say i have 4 scala Load Test files and i want to run them in Parallel Mode
How can i achieve this in Gatling?

Hi @rajat,

Short answer: you don’t.

I assume you speak about Simulation. In Gatling, a Simulation is the whole test. Running them in parallel is a non-sense.
But, you may want to create a Simulation that populate in parallel what your original Simulations populate.
In another terms, the content of the setUp from your 4 original Simulations may be merge in one 5th Simulation, creating a whole new “Load Test”.

Hope this helps!

Phrasing @sbrevet 's suggestion differently:

  • if you don’t care about aggregating the test results, you can launch multiple Gatling instances concurrently. Gatling Enterprise can let you do that from your CI pipelines
  • otherwise, you must dissociate your scenarios (your virtual users’ journeys) and your simulations (which scenarios get to be executed with how many virtual users). This way, you can have as many simulations recombining your scenarios as you wish.

Thanks for the reply.
I came across one official gatling article- talking about running simulation scenarios concurrently

Can’t i use this approach?

I am ok if i get the aggregated results of 4 simulations in single report


This “concurrent scenarios” is exactly what I mentioned and it is documented (you found it). So, of course you can use that!


ok-Thank you so much! I would try this solution

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