Simultaneous Simulations

Is it possible to run multiple simulations concurrently within one instance of Gatling?

I know, I could run multiple instances of Gatling, each executing a different simulation, and then merge the reports. I’d like to avoid that.

I know, I can mix together multiple simulations within one scenario, each with their own injection models.

What I’m trying to accomplish is to encapsulate all the scenarios for a given API client into a single simulation, and then simulate many different clients all running at the same time. Each client uses different simulations with different injection models.

An acceptable solution would be to define an array of scenarios (and injection models) for one client (or a function that returns said array), and an array of different scenarios for a different client (and so on, for each client), and then in my master simulation, merge all of those arrays and inject them into the setUp() call. But syntactically, I have no idea how to do that.