How define custom metrics with Gatling

Hi, everyone. I’m new in the community then have a doubt about how can we define custom metrics with Gatling, I know the reports provide a lot of information, but when all that information is not enough. I see just define in setUp the rampUser but don’t see any way to define custom metrics like Trend or Thresholds.

Thanks a lot for help!

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You can’t.
Trends are available in Gatling Enterprise.
Not sure what you mean by Thresholds. Have you checked Gatling’s assertions?

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Hi @GabrielNascimento,


I’m not sure what is you mean.

Custom metrics => we don’t have such things. We do have plugins (JMS, MQTT or Third parties) but you cannot create custom metrics from thin air.

Trends => I think, we don’t have the same definition. In Gatling Enterprise, we do have Trends: we compare existing metrics from one run to another (within the same simulation)

Threshold => Do you mean Assertions?


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As @GeMi pointed on LinkedIn, I’m not sure what you mean by “metrics”. Metric are output statistics.
Is this what you mean too? It felt like you mean test input parameters instead.

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For what I need assertions should be enough, then can create some other validations like define bounds error all these things that I need. thank so much for the sharing knowledge

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