How is group total calculated?

I am seeing strange totals in groups that are definitely not the sum of the constituent transactions. How are group counts calculated?

For convenience, I have attached a simulation.log where I am seeing the interesting results.

As a side note, this will also give you the benefit of seeing what it looks like with a whole bunch of concurrent scenarios, which we talked about a little while back. :slight_smile:

BTW, Iā€™m using 2.2 (build 266, about a month old - 6/23)

simulation.log.bz2 (2.86 MB)

According to official 2.1.7 documentation, its cumulated.

I am also little confused about the group calculations.

The group counts are the number of times the group was executed, not the sum of the counts of the requests:

That clears things up completely, thanks!