Gatling Group Results not sent to Graphite/InfluxDB


I am in need to use InfluxDB/Grafana to monitor and record the load and performance testing results we are doing with Gatling.

Being able to aggregate the results of group of requests with the Group() function in Gatling is very helpful for our needs.

However, I noticed that these group calculations that are available in Simulation.Log are not sent/stored to InfluxDB by Gatling.

Is there a particular configuration I need to do in Gatling in order to record those results in InfluxDB as well?

I am assuming that after each group of request finishes an execution, Gatling will make the corresponding group calculation for each user session, rather than waiting after the simulation is over to make those calculations.

(So, if I have a simulation with 5 users, I will get 5 set of values to plot in InfluxDB/Grafana)

I will appreciate if you can provide more information regarding when Group calculations are computed in relation to the overall simulation and if there is a newer Gatling version that sends the Group metrics to Graphite/InfluxDB.


Example of Group calculations from Simulation.Log that I need to plot in InfluxDB/Grafana:

batchupdate 7936755033588976644-0 GROUP BatchUpdate,CommitG 1447634202818 1447634206468 3635 15 0 OK

batchupdate 7936755033588976644-0 GROUP BatchUpdate 1447634196232 1447634206469 6177 27 0 OK

batchupdate 7936755033588976644-0 GROUP Logout 1447634206471 1447634206799 322 9 0 OK

Groups are not reported there.

Could you not aggregate your chosen metrics through Grafana to InfluxDB SQL queries and create an alias?

Stephane - is there any update on this?

Am also in need of tracking average group durations in grafana.

Any pointers where to start if I wanted to look at doing a pull request?

No, no update from our side.
We won’t bring ourselves more stats and more reporting features on the open source side of the project. What you want is already available in FrontLine.
Then, if that’s something you end up contributing, we will then ship it.



if you want to report requests sent within group, you must add another template in your influxdb.conf file:


templates = [

Non-grouped requests

“gatling....count measurement.simulation.request.status.field",
...min measurement.simulation.request.status.field”,
“gatling....max measurement.simulation.request.status.field",
...percentiles50 measurement.simulation.request.status.field”,
“gatling....percentiles75 measurement.simulation.request.status.field",
...percentiles95 measurement.simulation.request.status.field”,
“gatling...*.percentiles99 measurement.simulation.request.status.field”,

Grouped requests



I had to also remove existing gatlingdb database and restart influxdb for this to work :slight_smile:

Good luck and thanks for the Gatling Tool!


You'd maybe able to reduce your InfluxDB template with something like this:

# Non-grouped requests
"gatling.*.*.*.* measurement.simulation.request.status.field"


This will only work for first group, what about nested groups?